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We all care about animals, and we do not want to kill them just to make our bags, right? Reeces Treasure Pieces has introduced synthetic leather bags. We also offer traveler’s journals for our clients. If you are going on a trip, you might need a traveler’s journal for keeping your writing safe, right? So, shop your favorite traveler’s journal.

Synthetic Leather Bags

The Reece Treasure Pieces’ motive for introducing synthetic leather bags was love for the animals. We encourage everyone to use artificial leather rather than killing living creatures for their skin. Various species have gone extinct just because of the selfishness of some people. We do not want other animals to go extinct, so we encourage to use of substitutes rather than the skin of these innocent living beings.


Traveler’s Journal

You might be going on some adventure, and you must be worried about how to keep your books safe. We know the value of your writings, and we fully understand how much you would be attached to your books. So, Reeces Treasure Pieces offers traveler’s journals for its clients to keep their books safe.